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Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

Co-founded by WCW organizer Cheri Honkala, the PPEHRC shares “a common interest in uniting against the prevailing conditions and around our vision of a society where we all have the right to health care, housing, living wage jobs, and access to quality primary, secondary, and higher education.”

Cheri Honkala: 2012 VP Candidate for the Green Party

WCW organizer Cheri Honkala is running as the vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party of the United States

Prof. Marguerite Waller on the World Courts

A short history of the World Courts of Women

Women’s Economic Agenda Project

WEAP organized the US Court of Women on Poverty-West, in May 2012

National Women’s Law Center

Advancing issues that cut to the core of women’s lives in education, employment, family and economic security, and health and reproductive rights—with special attention given to the needs of low-income women and their families.

Women’s Rights Issues in Asia

The Asian Human Rights Commission needs help to fight against human rights violations

Arab Commission for Human Rights

ACHR is an independent NGO dedicated to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the Arab world.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws

WLUML was formed in 1984 in response to three cases in Muslim countries and communities in which women were being denied rights by reference to laws said to be ‘Muslim’ requiring urgent action.

Simorgh Women’s Resource and Publication Centre

Simorgh is a non-government, non-profit, feminist/activist organization that researches and provides information that will enable women and men to challenge the dominance of ideas that support social and economic divisions on the basis of gender, class, religion, race and nationality.

Gather the Women Global Matrix

GTW is a network of women and women’s organizations who are activating the incredible power of women’s wisdom on a planetary scale.

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

MWRO (one of the founders of the National Welfare Rights Union) is an activist organization that fights for the welfare rights of people, especially women and children.

Organize! Ohio

Organize Ohio empowers low-income and vulnerable populations to have a strong voice leading to strategic change in the decision making that affects their lives and their communities.


Building Opportunities through Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) helps homeless families and individuals in the Oakland, CA area move from homelessness to homes. BOSS co-sponsored the 2012 US World Court of Women on Poverty-West and produced several videos for this event, which can be seen at the following link: “Create Peace at Home BOSS

A Window Between Worlds

AWBW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence.

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